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Creating happy memories

Open Arms helps prepare our toddlers for preschool through purposeful activities that encourage language, social, inter-cultural, sensory and motor skills development. ‘Free choice stations’ give them the opportunity to make their own decisions and foster independence.

Our volunteers are patient, fun, and warm-hearted. They visit their designated welfare centre to play with the children once a week. During this time they form close relationships with the children, developing language skills, dressing up, playing games and creating together.

Currently Open Arms do not have a toddler program as the kids started school. We plan on starting a new group soon

Once a week,
2 hours
Toddler program is on pause

Report an Incident

If you have seen an incident and suspect child abuse or you have concerns regarding any aspect of Open Arms' operations, fill out the following form(s).


Every Monday, I slip on the same pair of socks to meet the toddlers in Room 301. The word “HAPPY” is spelled in colorful letters on each sock, which matches how I feel greeting those sweet faces. This week, while playing with foam alphabet shapes, an adorable nearly 3-year-old named Juwon carefully positioned the “A” on my sock. Then, he eagerly searched for another and discovered the “H.” Together, we matched a few more.

It’s all about connections. Juwon connected the scattered pile of letters on the floor with the word on a pair of socks. Similarly, Open Arms volunteers connect with the children of Room 301, dedicating time and energy to the growth, development and encouragement of these precious children.

Together, we sing songs, play games, color, cut, paste, and paint. However, the real purpose of Open Arms is to connect parentless children to moments of joy and new opportunities. Thank you, volunteers, for so many happy mornings!

Dee Dee, CWWC Toddler Coordinator

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