OA started with 3 volunteers teaching English to a group of 10 orphaned toddlers in March 2017. We realized that each child needed individual love and attention and it became our goal to have one teacher per child. We developed our sessions into a personalized English curriculum which also includes music and fun hands-on activities inspiring creativity and free choice.


We are encouraged by the positive results in the children and welfare home staff who love our programs. If we can keep their joy for learning and trust in us, we can indeed make a difference in their lives. Together, we hope to show the children a global world and create a community where they are accepted and valued so they can grow up into adults who contribute positively to Korea.

Open Arms creates Open Minds! 


"Early childhood education gives children the best start in life. Early childhood (between 0-5 years old) is an ideal time to absorb basic skills. It’s proven to help give children a strong basis for social, emotional and cognitive skills for future learning and development."



Open Arms now offers two programs tailored for the needs of welfare home children, starting from 2 years old and up. The progressive nature of our program will provide on-going education with a personalized curriculum for each child, built upon a promising one-to-one relationship.

As the children we work with grow, we want to grow with them! We have plans for future expansion into mentoring and lifeskills programs. Some of our volunteers have helped us in the past with this and you will soon be able to read about their experiences and what these programs might look like in the future here.

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