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Fun and activity-based English education

Open Arms provide activity based language learning with continued focus on fun and encouraging learning experiences. This entails the kids learn alphabet and vocabulary through practical activities such as smoothie making and dog classes. As the kids grow older in Primary focus will increasingly be on conversation and sentence construction.

For this program we work with a certified learning program designed to learn English as a secondary language.

Our volunteers are those who love working together with kids to provide each child with a fun and active English learning session. Volunteers need plenty of energy and enthusiasm, and enjoy having fun with children. They help with English, play games, and participate in a variety of activities together.

Learn more about how you can become a volunteer.

Once a week,
1.5 hr, evening


Once a
3 hrs, morning
(Tuesday 17:30-19:00)

Eunpyeong-gu (Thursday 17:30-19:00)

(Saturday 9:30-12:15)

Report an Incident

If you have seen an incident and suspect child abuse or you have concerns regarding any aspect of Open Arms' operations, fill out the following form(s).

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“What I love the most is seeing the engagement, enthusiasm and joy of the children in the sessions grow over time, going from a chaotic to focused learning space. The building of open and meaningful relationships has been at the heart of this and it is nice to be able to provide children with other adults in their lives that they can trust and feel cared for by.”

James, Group Coordinator at MJ

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