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Why Become a Member of Open Arms?

Are you interested in helping orphaned children in Korea achieve a happy and successful future? By becoming a Member of Open Arms, you can both volunteer and support us financially, at a rate to suit your pocket.

Please read our Membership criteria, set out below, to understand what is required to become a Member of Open Arms.

Membership Criteria

  • All Members are aged 18 or over

  • All Members submit our Registration form

  • All Members pay a minimum annual Registration fee (or subscribe)

  • All Members sign our Code of Conduct for Child Protection and Behaviour (click below to read)

  • Temporary Members are available to volunteer for at least 6 months

  • Full Members are available to volunteer for 1 year or more

  • Members do not have a criminal record

Membership Benefits

  • Members have a say in our direction, through our Annual General Meeting*

  • Members can attain team and leadership roles, helping to shape our operations

  • Members have the opportunity to volunteer with children in our programs

  • Members can involve their family, schools and community in our fundraising and preparation activities**

*All Members are invited to the AGM, where all have a voice, however, only full Members (1 yr +) can vote

** Only Members can have direct contact with children on our programs

Why we need Subscribers


Membership subscriptions help us to achieve stability because they provide a regular and reliable income to cover our outgoings. Our members’ donations are hugely important to us because we can choose where to use them to support our organization. 


A steady income provided by subscribing Members also helps us plan ahead for a secure and well-founded future. As a charity, we would like to achieve status as a non-profit organization, which will also make donations tax-refundable. To do this we have to be able to show that we can sustain our running costs … and this means we need YOUR subscription! 


Besides the financial help that you give us, and no less important, your name on our list of subscribing Members is also a vote of confidence in what we do - helping abandoned children in Korea get the best start in life. You become part of a team supporting us, cheering us on, and sharing our vision for a better world for these children.

How We Use Our Money

Organizations like our own have day to day expenses, such as materials that are needed in our work with children; developing our programs; supporting our volunteer base; admin costs like website and communication; as well as other more substantial plans that we are striving to save up for, such as office space and staff. All households and organizations have bills. They may not seem exciting but all these things are necessary if we want to help more children and stay with them as they grow up to a brighter tomorrow. 

How You Can Help

Our Members are all volunteers with Open Arms.

Members pay a flat rate annual registration fee of 30,000KRW, or can subscribe at a rate that suits their pocket - from as little as 10,000KRW a month up to 40,000KRW, and we offer the option of paying a year’s subscription in one lump sum. We invite you to join our mission today by clicking the button below.

Thank you for considering this step!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Let's Make A Change Together

Here are some ways you can reach out to us:


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