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There are many ways you can help us!

  • If you are resident in or near Seoul, Korea, for 6 months or more, you are eligible to apply for Membership for the purpose of volunteering in our programs or on our team in your spare time

  • If you have skills for specific volunteer roles which can be carried out remotely, you can apply to become a Member for the purpose of volunteering in that role, even if you do not live in Korea

  • If you just want to support us financially, you can donate! 

  • Everyone who knows the situation of orphans in Korea can spread the word!


Open Arms is 100% volunteer run, and all our volunteers are Members of Open Arms, living, working or studying as residents or long-term visitors in or near Seoul, or volunteering remotely in specific roles. In addition to being able to volunteer, all Members contribute financially towards our funds, either with a small annual registration fee, or by subscribing a larger amount annually or monthly to support us more substantially. All Full Members (Members for a year or more) are invited to our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and can vote. 


Help us achieve our objectives by supporting us financially with a one-time gift or an annual donation without becoming a Member

How We Use Our Money

Organizations like our own have day to day expenses, such as materials that are needed in our work with children; developing our programs; supporting our volunteer base; admin costs like website and communication; as well as other more substantial plans that we are striving to save up for, such as office space and staff. All these things are necessary if we want to help more children and stay with them as they grow up to a brighter tomorrow. 


Learn more about what we do and help to spread the word!

Listen to podcasts and interviews

Read articles and research about building resilience in disadvantaged kids

Help to make a change so that kids in welfare have the same chances as everyone else.

Join our Team!

Whilst most of our members are interested in volunteering directly with children, we also have a vibrant team of volunteers who run Open Arms as an organization. We are always in need of enthusiastic and energetic people who can offer their skills to help build our future! Click below to see the current team and the positions available. Email us to offer your talents if you see something missing!

Let's Make A Change Together

Here are some ways you can reach out to us:


Support Education for Korean Orphans

@openarms_kr  @openarmskr


Direct message us!

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