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How We



Corona Virus Outbreak

Due to the unfortunate circumstance and health risk in Korea, all extracurricular activities at Cheong Woon Welfare Center have been cancelled since the beginning of February. Last Lunar New Year’s break, the kids asked why we didn’t come for so long when we returned.


It made us all realize how much they look forward to our class and also miss us when we don’t show up. To make sure they know we haven’t forgotten them, Katy has prepared homework packages for each child!


Thank youKaty for your extraordinary devotion to the children despite your busy schedule and limited time.

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Video Compilation of Early Years Volunteers For the Children by Katy

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Coronavirus Pandemic

Unfortunately but understandably, the Coronavirus pandemic has shut the doors of schools and volunteers/programs at Child Welfare Centers since the end of January. Most of the children live in rooms of 10 children plus 2 adult caregivers. Their living conditions make a high risk of spreading illnesses.


This has meant months of isolation for the children to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

The welfare centres we partner with reacted quickly and thankfully it has worked!


Open Arms recognizes the need to connect with caring adults. In response, Katy put together individual homework and activity packages for all the children in our Early Years Program plus a video compilation of messages from some of our volunteers.

Activity Packages Delivery 

Early Years Program 

Thank you Katy for your compassion, love and and leadership!

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Floppy Frogs for Open Arms Seoul

Foreign British School teachers and KS3 students within the Global Social Leaders Program are dedicated to the service of others. During the closure of the campus, they sewed an ‘army’ of Floppy Froggies for the Early Years children.


They are sure to bring smiles and entertain the children during this difficult time of isolation. In this age of mass production, it is even more meaningful that each frog was hand made and unique. By educating and empowering children to help each other, the GSLP is creating a community of future global social leaders.

Thank you for all that you do!