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Lifeskills Program


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At Open Arms, we believe that South Korean youth are the key to developing our future.  Our Lifeskills program aims to equip young people with individualised professional and personal skills that are often not addressed in the academic sphere. Committed participants of the program will be paired with a mentor to support them on this journey. 

Our mission is to guide the children to be the best version of themselves; to be more self-aware: understand their strengths, passions and live by good values; to be solution-oriented: actively solve problems, be flexible and take risks; to have an ability to empower themselves and those around them.

"Lifeskills program provides role models for growing children. Children receive experience-based advice from mentors and form intimate relationships. Respecting the child's personal space, maintaining sensitivity to the whole child and gaining the child's trust is critical in forming healthy relationships. We hope to provide positive energy and motivation which ultimately will guide the child to develop self-respect and independence. With a loving heart like that of a sister, or a brother we hope to empower them to strive forwards."

Mei, Mentor of Lifeskills Program


Tutoring Program
For further enquires please contact us via email 


Learning English as a second language has many proven cognitive, social and personal benefits and it is best introduced sooner than later. These skills will open the minds of OA children whilst opening doors to a better career, life opportunities and a larger world.

"As a volunteer for Open Arms, I taught English conversation classes to a 14-year-old student for a semester. I found it a very rewarding experience and, seeing how fast my student was improving, I regretted not having started sooner or being able to continue meeting her. The classes were very flexible, and you are given the chance to tailor the curriculum to your student’s needs. For example, while I thought I was going to be able to practice conversation most of the time, I decided to reinforce her basic English knowledge instead after our first class.

As for the organizers of Open Arms who gave me the opportunity to volunteer, I found them very helpful, hard-working and open to ideas that can help the kids. I would say the biggest advantage of this organization is the people who are building it; their love for these kids and their will to help is what really makes Open Arms a great place to volunteer and meet other people. I strongly recommend anyone to join as a volunteer."

Jésica García , English Tutor of Tutoring program

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