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Meet Our Team

Barbara Bai
I am a Korean Canadian who has also lived in Belgium and Korea. I have volunteered with various international and social welfare organizations throughout my 17 years abroad. Living in Korea completed me. It was the missing piece I never knew I was missing. I am proud of my beautiful heritage and passionate about learning and sharing its culture. I also love cooking, especially for other people. My chocolate chip cookies will always remind me of the children and their smiles while eating them.
Sanjini De Silva Rijsberman


I am a mum/Environmental Scientist/ Health & Wellness coach/Education advocate who is happiest combining these areas: Healthy People = Healthy Planet!  I am a global citizen with Sri Lankan roots. My family is both cross-cultural & blended.  I love working with OA and using my leadership & organizational development skills to guide us towards our Vision. Maria Montessori said it best "Within the child lies the fate of the future.”
Sally McEachen
I came to Seoul from the UK in 2013 with my husband and 3 of my 4 children, who have now grown up and returned there. My faith in God who loves each and every person motivates me to help at Open Arms. I have a background in school governance. I speak French and try to learn Korean. I also enjoy pottery, poetry, and coffee with friends. I love living in Korea!
Mi Yong Lee


Hello my name is Mi Yong Lee and I have been a part of Open Arms since its inception. Working with kids here in Seoul has been a rewarding part of our stay. I have learned so much from them as we have worked with them.
Dee Dee Wasmund

I am a mom with a heart for parentless children. I love volunteering with the Open Arms team to share encouragement with the precious children in local welfare homes in Seoul - with hopes of helping them build a brighter future.
Joohee Byon


As a reflective practitioner, I am a Change Management Consultant for adult organizations and shaper for kids. An inspired traveler worldwide and the mind to share my experience and knowledge is my life. As Henry Miller said, our destination is never a place but a new way of looking at things!
Katy Freeman
I am originally from the UK but have lived overseas for the past 20 years teaching in various International Schools along with my husband and 2 daughters. I am currently a teacher at Seoul Foreign British School.
Jessica Chung


I am an Australian who for the last few years has been lucky to call Korea home. I love the generosity and tireless spirit of the Open Arms team and look forward to doing what I can to make a difference.
Mei Ahn


I am a college student in Providence and a designer virtually based in New York. I connect with the kids by thinking like a kid–It’s a natural talent. I'm a nocturnal type that enjoys spending late-night binge-watching random documentaries with Mcnuggets.

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