Toddlers and Early Years Programs


Age of Student 2-4    |    1 x week    |   2 hour session  

Our Kids:

We create happy memories for toddlers living in Children’s Welfare Homes with loving adults and individual attention. We prepare them for pre-school through purposeful activities that encourage language, social, inter-cultural, sensory and motor skills development. ‘Free choice stations’ give them the opportunity to make their own decisions and foster independence. 

Our Volunteers:

Patient, fun, and warm-hearted, our volunteers visit their designated welfare centre to play with the children once a week. During this time they form close relationships with the children, developing language skills, dressing up, playing games and making things together. 

"In order to lead a toddler education program, a personal and constant relationship must be based. Education is broad in its meaning but we aim to prioritize a personal relationship. Our programs not only provide cognitive training but extensive personal development from the personalized bond between the volunteering educator and the child. The interactions are fundamental practices that initiate the child to spout their social skills and linguistic ability."

Sue, Educator of Toddlers Program


Age of Student 4+    |    1 x week    |    1 hour session   
Our Kids:

Learning English in a fun, loving and safe environment. Receiving supportive and positive learning experiences through play, and engaging activities. The key concepts involve communication and creative expression through verbal and non-verbal messages. The program aims to exemplify healthy ways of receiving, interpreting and responding in the course of interactions with one another. We hope that the interaction would allow expression of personal choices and making individualized decisions.

Our Volunteers:

Professional teachers and volunteers who love kids work together to provide each child with individualised attention in a fun and very active English learning session. Volunteers need plenty of energy and enthusiasm, and enjoy having fun with children, helping with English, joining in games and participating in a variety of activities together. Story-telling, crafts and snacks are all part of the fun!

My experience has been amazing, it has truly been life changing to work with Open Arms. Coming to Open Arms and hanging out with the kids has been a highlight of my week. After spending time with these kids, they are just normal fun children who aren't different than any other kid. I would really encourage everyone who has the heart, to serve these children because even if its once a week, we can make a difference and bring joy to these kids lives!

Eric Seo, Volunteer of Early Years program

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