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Our Mission

Guided by the belief that all children have equal value, Open Arms provides personalised English education to abandoned children in South Korean welfare homes.

Our strong community of support empowers them to realise their self-worth and reach their potential socially, emotionally and academically. In addition to a personalised program throughout their childhood, our dedicated team of diverse volunteers attempt to link the children to a more global world view.


Our Vision

Our vision is a community where children are accepted, valued and unconditionally loved so they can grow into adults who will contribute positively to our society.



Teaching and learning activities are personalised based on the developmental stage of each child.



We will strive for transparency in our work, curriculum, communication and financials to help foster integrity and allow room for improvement. While being transparent, we will ensure every child’s identity and security is not compromised.



We love, respect and value all children and their cultures. We believe in creating a community that embraces all children and staff and provides a sense of belonging and empowerment.



We believe in the significance of teamwork. With our opened arms, we are always prepared to partner with other groups that strive with aligning visions and mission. Partnership would allow us to dream bigger and further in to the future.

Our Values

Our values are children-oriented. They are driven by our mission to allow children to realise their self-worth and reach their potential. We believe that our values will guide us to find better ways to empower the children.

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